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Keep productivity rolling with warehouse equipment and products from Southern States. Our warehouse experts can advise you on all types of innovative, productivity enhancing and safety-minded warehouse equipment and products.



Maximize your warehouse floor space with in-plant steel structure mezzanines that are ideal for many application uses.  Custom engineered to meet your business requirements from modular components, mezzanines are a cost effective solution alternative to building expansion.



Industrial carousels can save space, increase storage capacity, maximize productivity and improve safety. The concept is to store products vertically then retrieve products accurately and automatically with the touch of a button. Carousels can be custom designed for most application needs.

material lifts

Material Lifts

Need to lift materials to heights to complete a job? Single-man operated material lifts can lift and support a wide range of load capacities to get the job done.  Forks can be adjusted for many material application needs.

modular office

Modular Offices

Modular offices and buildings are the cost effective way to expand your facility when in-plant space utilization requirements change. The modular nature makes them ideal for customizing to your operations exact needs and quicker to install without costly disruption or downtime.  Many applications can be as much as half the cost of traditional construction.

safety guard

Safety Guard

Protect your rack, your products but most importantly your people with safety guards.  Placed at the end of pallet rack aisles, safety guards help prevent workplace accidents from forklifts or personnel making the pallet rack unstable.

warehouse fan

Warehouse Fans

A comfortable employee is a productive employee. Overhead warehouse fans help climate control your facility for summer cooling or winter heating.  Warehouse fans can help cool and circulate airflow to help stabilize the working environment.

Warehouse Lighting

Optimize warehouse lighting to increase energy efficiency while providing a comfortable environment to maximize productivity.  Warehouses can now have better light for less – as much as 90% energy savings are available.

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