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Here at Southern States our industrial battery and charger experts can provide you with training and tips to help achieve optimum performance, maximize usable battery life, improved safety, prevent expensive unneeded repairs and premature battery and charger failure.

We provide on-site and off-site industrial battery and charger education programs and training classes lead by expert technicians that can be customized to meet your unique equipment needs.

Standard Battery and Charger Training Classes Cover:

Battery Watering:
How and when to refill water in your forklift batteries to avoid permanently damaging your battery.

Battery Cycling:
How and when to recharge your battery for maximum life and performance.

Battery Changing:
How to replace a battery from site specific forklift and lift truck models.

Battery Fleet Management:
Tips on how to seize and maintain enough industrial batteries to supply your forklift fleet.

Cable Repair:
How to repair or replace a battery cable.

General electricity safety and battery and charger information.

Contact or call 866.350.3593 to set up battery and charger training for your personnel.

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