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Southern States Enterprises understands that sometimes budgets can only allow for used power products and equipment. Fortunately, we provide affordable, quality reconditioned products designed and manufactured by industry leader HAWKER to perform efficiently and reliably. As one of the most trusted brands in the market, HAWKER provides durable, dependable products designed to withstand the test of time. Brand new or used, HAWKER’s equipment is sure to produce high quality, efficient work to meet all your business’ needs.

Our inventory of used products includes restored equipment, batteries, chargers, watering systems and more. Not only do we strive to provide profitable, quality used products and equipment, but we also keep your safety in mind. That is why every unit of used equipment is required to go through a meticulous and rigorous reconditioning and inspection process for optimum results, reliability and safety.

At Southern States Enterprises, we set high standards for our reconditioned products so you can have high expectations met with high-standard, quality results. For more information on what reconditioned used equipment is available, call 866.350.3593 or contact us.

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