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Southern States Enterprises understands that quality aftermarket parts and service starts with availability. That’s why we stock an extensive inventory of quality parts and accessories for industrial batteries and chargers. We provide virtually any part you will need to keep your industrial batteries and chargers operating at their full power. Our parts and service specialists are here to save you time and money by providing quality OEM and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories when you need them.

Southern States Enterprises is proudly partnered with HAWKER to provide high-quality, efficient industrial power solutions that are cost-effective and easy to understand. HAWKER offers battery status systems, charger stands, Flow-Rite watering systems, remote devices, sequencers, the Battery Boss WC, Battery Watering Technologies watering systems and much more.

We also offer Power Designers industrial charging technology. Power Designers innovative battery charging solutions and battery products include high frequency conventional chargers, opportunity chargers, rapid battery chargers, charging stands, battery monitoring software systems, battery management system, battery lifts, battery watering systems, battery maintenance systems, battery connectors, battery accessories and more.

hawker battery status system

Battery Status System

The battery status system offered is the BSS-40C, which is equipped with expanded FIFO capacity, “pooled” design, scrolling LED display and much more. It connects directly into the charger and collects all recorded data to provide straightforward information for strategic decisions.

hawker charger stand

Charger Stand

The charger stands offered by Hawker come in various models and accommodate the LifePlus MOD3, LifeSpeed MOD3 and the PTO MOD3 chargers. Each stand gives you an option to be mounted to the floor or wall. 

hawker battery watering

Battery Watering

Flow-rite, Battery Watering Technologies and Philadelphia Scientific watering systems are some of the most trusted brands in the market and deliver the results your industrial batteries need.

hawker remote device

Remote Device

Having problems reaching your charger? HAWKER remote devices are the perfect solution to your problems. Each high-frequency charger remote device is designed with cable lengths from 15 feet to 100 feet depending on your needs and is perfect for chargers mounted out of reach or in a difficult location.

Hawker Battery Boss Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

Monitoring your industrial battery is essential for getting the most out of it. That is why HAWKER provides the Battery Boss WC that provides detailed, comprehensive data to give you everything you need to know to ensure your battery an efficient, long life.

hawker sequencer


Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to charge multiple batteries at once. The HAWKER Sequencer allows up to four batteries to be charged so you can be more productive without having to wait on just one battery. It is available as a 4-port and 2-port unit.

Southern States Enterprises has the industrial battery and charger parts, accessories, advanced monitoring and fleet management systems to keep operations smooth and running. Contact us today or call 866.350.3593 to order parts from our extensive inventory today!

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