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With a proven track record of high frequency charging experience and substantially reducing charging costs, Southern States has the right charger to fit your needs.

Southern States Enterprises proudly represents HAWKER, a leader in industrial batteries and chargers. Known for their patented IONIC charge profile, HAWKER chargers offer fast charge profiles, plug-and-play flexibility, reduced downtime and ensuring scalability for future power needs. Southern States Enterprises industry application knowledge and Hawker’s extensive modular, high-frequency charger product line is a winning combination.

Southern States Motive Power is now offering Power Designers industrial charging technology. Power Designers innovative battery charging solutions and battery products include high frequency conventional chargers, opportunity chargers, rapid battery chargers, charging stands, battery monitoring software systems, battery management system, battery lifts, battery watering systems, battery maintenance systems, battery connectors, battery accessories and more.

Industrial batteries need proper maintenance to ensure exceptional performance and optimal results. Our industrial chargers give exactly what your industrial batteries need. Using Smart Charging Technology, Southern States Enterprises’ industrial chargers save time and money while also extending the life of your batteries. Our continuous diagnostic communication and real-time charge controls optimize charging to keep your batteries running seamlessly.

Our industrial chargers help reduce the need for battery changes by prolonging battery life and providing a long-lasting, high-quality charge. They provide a high-frequency charging experience all while simultaneously reducing charging costs. HAWKER and Power Designers industrial chargers and battery products meet virtually any need and are customized to fit where or how they are needed.

hawker lifeplus mod3 charger


The smartest and most energy-efficient chargers in the business. High-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charger offers five different charge profile options for operational flexibility.

hawker lifetech mod charger


Modular, high-frequency smart chargers provide optimum charging, peak efficiency, maximum reliability, and nonstop power. The modular design of these chargers allows each individual power module to operate independently.

hawker pto mod3 charger


This modular high-frequency charging solution provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile.

Let us help your operation save money, time and extend the life of your batteries utilizing exclusive constant diagnostic communication and the only adaptive real-time charge control making sure your fleet is always ready to go.

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