Sunrun in Tampa, FL needed a quick solution to address their need for ground level access to their loading docks. Southern States Dock & Door provided them with a Yard Ramp. This allows Sunrun to have ground level access for forklifts to move materials to and from the building. Contact us or call 866.350.3593 for your Dock & Door needs.

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Customer: Tampa Steel Supply

Tampa Steel Supply was in desperate need of converting two of their warehouse doors that have been the wrong size for their needs for over 20 years to new doors that would provide them with a better solution and optimize their efficiency. At the ramp door opening, Southern States Dock & Door converted the original 8’ wide x 10’ high sectional door to a 12’ wide x 14’ high rolling galvanized steel door. This new door allows for much taller products to be brought in and out of the warehouse and most importantly they are now able to use their side loading forklift in and out of the building increasing their loading and unloading efficiency. The second door that is used for bringing raw product in and finished product out of was previously 12’ wide x 14’ high sectional door. After Southern States Dock & Door completed the building modifications the new door is a 22’ wide x 14’ high rolling galvanized steel door. This door was used to bring in 20’ long raw materials through the 12’ wide opening causing diagonal loading and unloading which was time consuming and inefficient. By creating the larger 22’ wide opening Southern States Dock & Door was able to increase their efficiency by over 75%. This job was completed 100% after the customers operating hours as to not disturb the customers operation.

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Customer: South East Toyota

Need a bigger door? Southern States Dock & Door was given the opportunity to help this customer by providing a roll-up steel door where pedestrian doors once existed. Our team of skilled technicians cut the opening, installed the roll-up door and painted the building to match. This was yet another great installation from our professional team. If you are looking for similar solutions, please contact us or call 866.350.3593 today.

Customer: Yuengling Brewing Co

When Yuengling Brewing Co was facing issues at their loading dock they contacted Southern States Dock & Door to help them find the solution. After assessing the problems they were faced with our team of Dock Experts were able to install a CentraAir Air Powered Leveler. This “push button” operation makes the leveler easy to use and doesn’t require electricity in the dock pit which makes it perfect for wet environments or wash down applications. If you are facing issues with your loading dock contact us today at 866.350.3593 to see how we can help you too!

Dock seals provide a 90 – 95% seal preventing loss of refrigeration and provide climate control between the building wall and the trailer rear perimeter. If they are in poor condition, they will leak and lose their effectiveness. Southern States Dock & Door installs Perma Tech dock seals. Perma Tech is one of the industry leaders in innovation and design with over 50 years in the industry. Contact us or call 866.350.3593 today for your dock seal needs.

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