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Looking to improve safety and efficiency at the loading dock? Southern States is your answer to quality, cost effective loading dock equipment that increases loading dock efficiency and safety.

We offer an extensive product line of warehouse dock equipment to include dock plates, dock bumpers, dock pit levelers, guard rails, dock ramps, dock seals, dock shelters, dock restraints, dock doors, safety equipment, curtain walls, dock lights, compactors, balers, dock equipment maintenance and installation and more.

dock lift

Dock Lifts

In ground level applications, dock lifts are the best solution for loading and unloading applications. Eliminating space requirements associated with ramps and truck bed to ground freight lifting with manual handling, dock lifts reduce many dock application dangers.



Industrial and commercial compactors help efficiently manage trash and waste at your facility by providing your operation space savings, compacting waste and reducing space require for storing trash while preventing wind-blown or debris pollution.

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Dock seals and shelters help to keep your loading dock area safe, dry, energy efficient and productive. Whether you are trying to keep the cold in or heat from escaping, dock seals and dock shelters protect your assets against the elements while providing improved climate controls within your facility.

 dock seal

Dock Seals

Dock seals are the foam barriers between the dock door opening and backed-in trailer. The dock seal provides an energy efficient climate controlled seal for your warehouse, while keeping unwanted things like bugs, dirt, water, and rodents from entering your facility.

 dock shelter

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are flexible enclosure structures that provide unimpeded vehicle access between the trailer and the dock door. In addition to climate control and energy savings, dock shelters help protect your people and assets.

Southern States offers a wide variety of dock shelters and seal options from inflatable seals, foam seals, rail shelters and more. Our dock shelters and seals accommodate a wide range of truck and building variation giving you more flexibility in choosing the product that works best for you.

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Dock levelers are an important part of every loading dock’s edge of dock equipment solution. Southern States has a long history of providing quality dock leveler equipment designed for dependability for increased production in the work place.

We offer a selection of quality industry leading brands of dock levelers and dock plates for multiple applications including air powered levelers, mechanical levelers, hydraulic levelers, manual levelers, dock plates and more to meet your exact dock and door needs.

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Southern States specializes in dock doors for commercial and industrial applications. We are proud to sell, repair and professionally install industrial doors, loading dock equipment and dock and door related products.

highspeed door

HIGH-Speed Doors

HIGH-speed high performance doors increase environmental controls, boost productivity, improve safety, save energy, enhance security and are a reliable low maintenance dock door solution.

highspeed dock door

HIGH-Speed Dock Doors

Designed for efficiency and to take the harsh environment abuse, HIGH-speed dock doors are ideal for high-traffic loading and unloading dock applications as well as outdoor high-wind and extreme weather applications helping keep the facility energy efficient.

Southern States is committed to providing innovative products and services including HIGH-speed industrial doors, fire doors, industrial space partitions, air curtains, bug screens, rolling steel doors, sectional steel doors, aluminum doors, insulated steel doors, non-insulated doors, maintenance, repairs and more.

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